“Tom Cratsley is an amazing healer and teacher! I have experienced several restructuring sessions with him that have literally changed my life. I proudly refer to his material in my books and seminars.”

Sandra A. Taylor, author of New York Times bestseller, Quantum Success

“Wow! My restructuring with Tom was life changing. In moments he was able to guide me to the root of my emotional pain that I've been dragging around all these years. Not only did I get to the core, I was systematically enabled to let it go and transform it. It's been six months since my session and I can't tell you how freeing it was to face the issue head on and permanently release it.” 

T.F., Event Planner

“Tom Cratsley's Restructuring, (Contextual Pattern Release) method is the fastest and simplest way I have discovered in my fifteen year career as a Hypnotherapist to relieve clients of deep, deep trauma. The trauma that is so deep other hypnotic methods can't effectively reach it.” 

Kevin O., Hypnotherapist

“Over the past six years, I have participated in more than 30 various workshops and techniques for personal growth and healing. I have found restructuring to be the single most powerful and effective, and amazingly one of the gentlest of all these techniques. It is unequalled as a method of creating permanent, positive changes in one's life.”

E.L., Inventor

“I have known about Restructuring since 1994 when Tom first did this process with me. I was astounded by the intense yet gentle nature of the work we did together, and the life changing insights it revealed. I felt completely supported throughout the process.”

L.F., Counselor