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Spiritual Anatomy:

The human spirit is ever evolving and expressing itself through the human body. The body holds the secrets to its own well-being. With this premise in mind Tom has developed a method of examining the major systems and organs of the body from within with detailed internal awareness. With the use of anatomical charts, contemplative meditation, discussion, and hands on practice, you will establish a new learning relationship with your body. In this class you will:

Fundamentals of Restructuring:

Restructuring is a transformational counseling process that empowers individuals to un-create reactive response patterns to past trauma, and restore lost resources through a gentle heartfelt process. Tom developed this break-though approach to healing to discover and release unconscious resistance patterns and heal them once and for all.

Tom's joyful approach opens the hearts of all who work with him. He has developed this method of subconscious pattern clearing over a period of 44 years, working with thousands of individuals. Fundamentals of Restructuring is a highly focused method of accessing and altering the conscious and subconscious logic structures, which are at the root of unwanted behaviors, attitudes, and life change, quickly and with minimal struggle. Join us for an exciting in-depth weekend.

This training is designed to provide participants with the tools and understanding necessary to facilitate a Restructuring session and to work more effectively with the multi-dimensional nature of the psyche.

Areas of focus include:

To be held Oct 12 - 14, 2024 with Fellowships with the Spirit

Find Your Healing Voice:

Shamanic cultures and many religious traditions have a long history of using chants and vocal tones to promote healing. In this workshop Tom will demonstrate and teach you how to do this with powerful and simple practices of vocal toning for healing.

You will learn through meditative and experiential exercises how to merge your voice with inner guidance to produce healing tones, and to project those tones in a manner that enhances spiritual healing for others. The ability to sing well is not a requirement. The exercises practiced will support you in being more relaxed with your own voice and how to use its true healing potential.

You will learn to:

If interested, please call 716-595-3551

To be held 7/14/24 at Lily Dale Assembly

Healing Mastery:

This one-week session will give you intense training in spiritual healing. The workshop is designed to support those with healing experience and will allow you to take a giant leap in the effectiveness of your healing.

The program consists of a total of 25 hours of participatory, hands-on experience. It encompasses a variety of healing topics and internship services at the Lily Dale Healing Temple. This workshop is a unique opportunity for those who wish to deepen and expand their gifts of healing.

Topics which will be addressed in class include:

Please bring a white shirt, dark slacks (no jeans), and black shoes for services.

To be held 7/7/24 -7/12/24 at Lily Dale Assembly

Living the Harmonial Philosophy: The Life and Teachings of Andrew Jackson Davis:

Andrew Jackson Davis was perhaps the greatest mystic and prophet of the 19th century. He foresaw and described the scientific principles of evolution, big bang theory, the astronomical makeup of the solar system, a holographic universe, and a very modern understanding of the human psyche.

In this workshop we will explore some of the many contributions Davis made to modern theological and philosophical thought and understanding of the human condition. We will especially examine his writing on the psychology of spiritual development and perception.

In addition to lecture, this day of exploration will include discussion, meditation, and other exercises so that the principles and gifts of Andrew Jackson Davis's Harmonial philosophy can be better understood and practically applied in the enrichment of our lives today.

Healing with Elementals:

In this groundbreaking workshop, you will learn how to explore and work with the extraordinary world of elemental consciousness and discover what elemental awareness can do to support all physical healing processes. The roots of this work are found in many ancient shamanic traditions, where working with the elemental forces are among the most primary building blocks of life and consciousness and have been an intrinsic part of the healing arts for thousands of years.

In this highly experiential workshop, participants will learn how to work directly with elementals to support healing and well-being. It covers:

You will take home new healing tools and a modern perspective on the usefulness of working with elementals and how effective these can be in healing yourself and others.

To be held 7/28/24 at Lily Dale Assembly