It was in the early 1980's. Tom was frustrated with the pace of change and the persistence of unconscious patterns and reactive behaviors both in himself and his clients.  He began looking for new ways of working with this premise in mind:  'If indeed we create our own reality we ought to be able to uncreate the aspects of our lives that don't work if we just knew the thought patterns involved in how we created them.' 

In his search he was greatly influenced by three thinkers:  Robert Fritz for his pioneering work on structural thinking and the creative process, Roberto Assagioli, the great Italian Psychiatrist and the creator of the psychosynthesis process, and Andrew Jackson Davis, the 19th century American mystic and prophet who developed a model of the human psyche based on levels of perception.

In his research he found that focused regression could bring unconscious source material to the surface and that by releasing thoughts and emotions contained in such memories clients would experience significant and often complete relief from the problem the presented with. 

Thousands of these sessions have taught Tom that lasting change can be simple and direct and that people can be liberated from the shackles of unconscious trama, in as little time as it takes the mind, to move from one set of thoughts to another.  The process works for all emotional issues. 

For more than 25 years, Tom has conducted intensive trainings teaching others the fundamentals of this method so that they might apply them in their own lives and professional practices.

Private Sessions:

Tom can be reached for private sessions at 716-595-3551.
Some sessions can be conducted over the phone.

A private session lasts about an hour and is $200.

Tom's talk with Registered Lily Dale Medium,Angie Abt on her Lily Dale, Blogtalk Radio show "Spiritual Discoveries" on May 7th, 2021. Tom shares conversation about energy and sound healing, and his speciality Restructuring!